Coming to Class

I am the world’s easiest teacher. I require papers, but the same ones that everyone else teaching this class requires. I actually went and looked up topics for the research paper, to make sure there would be articles on the topics. But the one thing I can’t stand is when someone comes to class only when papers are due. I’ve had one student show up two and a half times now. Two and a half, because he came half way through a class. I’ve got two who have missed several classes in a row. “I was tired.” “I was asleep.” “I was out of town.” “The contractors came today.” This is when we only have one class a week. How can you take a once a week class and then just miss it, miss it, miss it?

Thankfully I actually included 5% of the grade for being in class. I figure if you are there less than half that’s a 0 on that. But it’s only 5%. That’s not enough to make a considerable difference. But it is enough to make me feel a bit better.

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