Free speech is not free.

I have seen too much from FIRE recently, and heard things like it from academics, to not believe that America’s universities are turning into PC factories which allow only one side of a debate. It happened at UT while we were in Austin. I don’t recall this particular problem at Purdue when I was there, but, alas, that was almost twenty years ago.

Dr. Phyllis Chesler writes about Anti-Semitism on US campuses. This anti-Semiticism is directed wholly against Jews, not Arabs, and is supported by state and student funds. That’s wrong.

When the US offers taxpayer funds to one speaker, they ought to give it to the other. Yes, I know. Under that rule people I don’t like will be allowed to speak. Well, I think it is better to have both sides than only one. Right now, the colleges across the US are only showing one. What happened to intellectual freedom?

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