Student Interruptions

An interesting approach a teacher took to constant interruptions, students being late to class, and students leaving in the middle of class can be found here.

At the beginning of the semester I lay out a few ground rules with my students. For example, they are not to bring cell phones into my class. They are also forbidden from walking into class after the lecture has started. But I don’t just tell students not to do these things. I also make them sign an agreement (on the first day of class) that they will not do these things under penalty of writing a research paper if they break the promise.

Now he wrote the article about adult ADHD and how many of the people “suffering” from ADHD are simply refusing to curb their impulses. It’s not that they can’t. It’s that they won’t.

I don’t lecture much. And I don’t mind if students answer my questions without raising their hands. It has never gotten too chaotic in my college classes. (Though it did a few times in high school and I had to request hands up.)

But I can understand where he is coming from. And I am pleased that his chosen response has worked so well across the board.

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