Remaining to Do

was reading I Know What I Know and I just had to write down here that I am finished.

I have graded the third version of the first research paper. (The grades were atrocious, so I let them rewrite again.)

I have graded the second version of the second research paper. (The grades were better.)

I have graded the compare/contrast papers that they turned in when they came to take their finals.

And I have graded the finals.

The grades weren’t great in the class, although the finals were overall good. I had three A’s out of 27 students. And three F’s, all people who quit showing up. The others were mostly B’s with some C’s and D’s thrown in just so the administrators won’t think I wasn’t grading. (Kidding.)

One thing I am irritated by, as I am every semester, is lack of due diligence; when the teacher gives you a chance to fix something, TAKE IT. I let people rewrite all but the final and the compare/contrast paper. But half of them didn’t. On some of the papers, that number was even higher. Who did rewrite? Everytime? The students who were getting A’s. What were they thinking?

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