First Day of Class

Though many teachers in the blogosphere started last week, my college courses started today.

I met my two classes back to back. It is going to be interesting to have to repeat myself every day. But at least I probably won’t lose track of what class I’ve said what in. (Probably.)

The classes are in different classrooms, so I have to move. I don’t like that and neither of my classrooms is in use before or after me, so I want to check into maybe being able to change one of the classrooms. One of the classrooms is significantly bigger than the other. I don’t know which one I prefer, actually. The bigger one makes it harder for me to hear students. (I am partially deaf.) But it also has a beautiful wide window so we can see what’s going on outside.

I scheduled more to do today than I could get done while telling my stories. And I can’t do without my stories.

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