Other thoughts on spanking.

I printed out five pages of strange things the students wrote in their papers.

Here are a few. Just to make you glad you don’t read freshman papers. (I mean, sad… Sad.)

Spanking is illegal in the United States.
Spanking is illegal in all right-thinking countries of the world.
The reason the education system is so bad is that not all parents spank.
Only spanking makes a child afraid of their parent.
Spanking teaches hatred.
Spanking teaches rebellion.
Only those who are spanked will be rebellious.
Only those who are not spanked will act nicely.
Teenagers are only angry because they have been spanked.
Spanking is only spanking if the parent is angry.
Parents will only spank if they are angry. If they are not angry, they will be smart and not spank.
Children who are not spanked never feel powerless or angry or depressed.
Anyone who has ever been spanked has sexual problems.
If you think something, that makes it true.
All children love to go outside and play.

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