Creeping in on little cat feet

That’s how I feel about the war. I know it’s going on over there, but I’m not military or military wife. All my family who have been in the service are not in the service now. I’ve sent packages and co-ordinated sending packages from my church and my homeschool group.

But this semester I have five ex-military in my classes. All of them have been to Iraq or Afghanistan. One of them wrote his paper today on the death of his buddy, while he was working on him, after his buddy was shot in the neck. His buddy’s last words were, “Stop whining. It could be worse.”

They were on a dismounted patrol. They were attacked by small arms fire. His buddy was the only one who died. “Stop whining. It could be worse.”

The soldiers are coming home from the battlefield and they are entering college. It’s not like after WWII when the halls were filled with soldiers getting a degree on the GI bill. There are only a few. But they are there.

It seems odd for the war to be continuing and for them to be home. I am glad they have returned safely. And I mourn with them for those who did not make it home.

I hate not being able to do anything to fix the situation. I left a note for his family on the fallen heros memorial.

God bless them, the soldiers who are still over there, the soldiers who are home, those who are no longer soldiers. God bless the families of those who are not coming home safely.

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