Educating the Educator

I’m taking a “class” this semester. Usually I would think that was a great thing, but I am not quite as sure this time. It seems very basic.

That might be because we have only begun. I’m not sure. It might be because I don’t really understand what is going to happen later on.

Basically, apparently, it is on “learning-centered” teaching. This means you have the student “do” stuff. Of course, in a writing class, the student is doing all the time. Maybe the problem is that my discipline is so much about this already. Or maybe it is that I already do the things recommended.

In the first week there are three research papers for us to read on learning-centered learning and the first day of class. We’re talking about getting the student involved. There are 7 ice breaker suggestions. I have used 5 of them. They suggest you introduce yourself to your students, particularly emphasizing your enthusiasm. I do that. They tell you to write your name and the class name on the board on the first day. I do that. I did get two ideas of things for ice breakers… One of which I remember.

Then they asked us “what is important?” Was the question what is important about the story they were telling us? Or about our class? Some answered one way, some another. I wrote a tome in that first email, and that was after I deleted parts.

I think that instead of hoping this will help me teach better, which it may or may not, I should be hoping it lets me get to know other adjuncts. I think that will keep me from getting too frustrated.

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