16 v 18: Am I requiring too much?

In 1990 for Freshman Composition I, I had 16 writing assignments. Two were personal; one was a letter; six were short. One was a research paper.

In 2006 for Freshman Composition I, I have 18 writing assignments. One is personal; five are short. Two are research papers.

It’s interesting that my teaching has kind of come full circle. I hadn’t been assigning journals for years and then, this summer, I started assigning them again.

One thing about the journal assignments in 1990 is that two of them were designed to get the students more involved with the college. It was a live-at college and most of them were far from home for the first time. So they were asked to attend a school event and write about it and to interview someone who had been at the school 20 years ago.

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