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Well, that was disheartening.

I’m up there. I think it says I’m hot, which is the best thing on the listing.

It says I prefer females over males. I wonder how they figure that. I do give more examples from the female point of view, but that’s because I am female.

The student who says they worked their behind off in the miniterm is right. For every hour in class you are supposed to spend THREE hours outside of class. It is why 12 hours is a full load. So for miniterm we had three hours in class and three hours out of class a day. That was light.

The student who says that I count off for not being in class, even if they call, is right. It’s part of my grading system. I think what we are doing in class is important and I give students credit for being in class. I also take credit away for not being in class. Obviously this is someone who missed class a lot.

The student who says I don’t remember what I said is okay… Now that one is questionable. I have sometimes forgotten what I said. But this semester I have gone over the MLA entry for the Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center in class, individually, in groups, on the board, and on their papers at LEAST six times. They’re still not doing it right. So I think that sometimes they may think I said it was okay when I didn’t. And usually, if you point out to me that I did say something and give the context, I will agree with you even if I don’t remember. So I’m not hard in that way.

The student who says I have an opinion on everything is right, too. I do. They do too. I don’t give my opinion on everything, although I may give it more than is necessary. And my opinion doesn’t count against them in the grading. So I don’t know what their problem with my having an opinion is. I guess they think I talked about the topic too much.

But in an essay class, giving examples for how to do the essay requires talking about the topics specifically. If we’re working on our research paper, I use pro-abortion arguments as my examples. But I am against abortion. So I don’t think even when I appear to be giving my opinion I always am.

The student who says it gets easier as the semester goes along is right, too. My once a week class this week ended up with a total of thirty minutes of homework. (That’s almost nine hours less than they’re supposed to have!)

And what does it mean that the dean knows me? She ought to.

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