Homework in College

Right Wing Nation had an interesting post discussion.

It began with expectations for college, his and modern college students’.

In fact, students today have a lot of expectations I did not when I was an undergraduate. I don’t recall expecting that I should get an A because of how much I studied, or because I “tried really hard.” I don’t recall expecting that mediocre work that barely fulfilled the requirements would get me an A. I don’t recall expecting to receive partial credit if my answer was incorrect. I don’t recall expecting that I could pass a course while rarely going to class or doing only part of the assigned work.

Then he explains that he had that expectation because of high school. And after that he talks about high school education.

Apparently, though, I am expecting too much in my classes. I thought the rule of thumb was 3 hours outside of class for every hour in class.

RWN references a Chronicle of Higher Ed article which says:

48% of faculty members expect students to do six or more hours of homework every week

It appears that the rest expect less. Odd. Very odd.

No wonder my students are confused.

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