What if your school has a gunman?

That’s the discussion at Says Uncle. His child was introduced to the idea at school. YEAH for the school! There are many good ideas, including ones in the comments.

I thought my students and I would be fairly secure in the computer lab, but it turns out that concrete blocks do not protect you. Instead they are just flying projectiles. For the rooms with windows, I need to get one of those window-breaking things.

It’s also a good thing to think about in terms of other places we go on a regular basis.

If I’m in the grocery store, how can I get away from a shooter? Publically there’s only the front doors, all by each other. The front windows are by the front doors. I know there’s a back entrance between the meat and the milk cases, but I’ve never been back there.

Maybe I should start carrying a flashlight in my purse. Gonna need a bigger purse.

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