A broken leg and embedded glass isn’t too bad.

The windows don’t open in my classroom, so if a gunman comes down the hall, I can’t tell the students to go out while I try and slow him down. (Thank God for Professor Librescu.)

But I do keep the door locked, so we could close it. And even a shoe under the door would wedge it closed, even if the gunman had a key.

There are TVs and chairs we could put against the door (though the charis are very light) and then we could go to the other side of the wall and lay down flat. The walls are thin and bullets could go through and hurt someone.

The windows might be broken open. We’re on the second floor, but even glass and broken legs are better than death.

There are two exits. We’re very near one. It might be that we could get out the other.

My students and I talked about this. It is better to be prepared.

I told them that, in all likelihood, Professor Librescu had thought all his life about what he would do if “they” came for him again. And that forethought is what allowed his students to get out the window.

How would you get out of your work room?

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