Amazing Sites for Paradise Lost

Can you tell I’m doing PL for the first time as a teacher in ten days?

A 1674 edition of the book with some foototes. I like this and expect I will use it in my class, instead of reading the teeny tiny print in the book. It is somewhat annotated.

For grades 9-12, but includes plans that would work for Brit Lit I. I especially like the idea of giving them the Biblical introduction to the story. But I am not sure how that will work out timewise.

This is an annotation of Book IX. I wish there was more. I like it, but without more it is useless to me.

This is a marvelous source. Students are using him to do their research for their papers, but he doesn’t write them for them. I’m going to take notes of things to remember to point out to my students.

Web English Teacher’s bringing together of various sources. I found several of the above sources through this.

Good homework questions can be found at:
Professor Boyer from St. Xavier University’s site
Dr. Alfred Drake from UCI’s site

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