Size doesn’t matter

for schools. A new teacher asked how he should teach a sophomore course at a cc versus his junior course at a uni on CC Dean.

My first thought is that size and type don’t matter.

I started my teaching career at a small to medium four year college. Then I moved on to a medium university. Then back to small to medium. Then onward and upward (It was north.) to a huge university. Then back to small to medium. Then I moved on to a community college. The CC is the same size my small to medium university was. Some of the cc’s in my group are twice as large as that and as large as the medium university I taught at.

The difference between teaching and students at cc’s and universities is not the size.

I taught remedial English at the cc, the small to medium, and the medium university. I am sure there were remedial classes at the large university, but I didn’t teach them.

I personally found the lowest level of English was at the medium university. I had to teach a class for kids who didn’t know that a sentence started with a capital letter or ended with a punctuation mark of some kind. And those kids were in the top ten percent of their classes.

But this lack of knowledge isn’t just at the universities. My cc has ESL classes 1-6 and remedial reading 1-4 and remedial writing 1-4. The system there is designed for people who may not have any skills above second or third grade.

I went during my undergrad to a huge university. Many of the kids there couldn’t write coherent sentences either, because the college system in that state has an automatic acceptance for any HS grad.

So the size or type of school doesn’t account for the abilities or lack thereof either. Size doesn’t matter.

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