Another position

I received a call this evening, about four minutes ago, from one of the colleges that I had applied to as an adjunct. Someone other than the department head was calling. The chair had given the job to someone else while she want on vacation! But she wanted to know if I were still interested in teaching and when I could teach.

I told her that I’d be available all day Tuesday Thursday or Monday evening. There was only one MWF class open and I don’t think it’s worth the drive over there for a single class three times a week. So I said I didn’t think I could do it.

She said the chair would like an interview, just a short one. (Probably to make sure I’m not scary looking. Oh wait! I am.) So I will be expecting a call next Monday, if they need someone when I am available. I don’t even know what classes this was for. Is it for English or Developmental studies? I do not know. I think I remembered her name, though I thought it was a sales call at the beginning. And, if I did remember it, she is in English.

We’ll see how it works out.

If I actually teach, I will once again be teaching full-time for half time (or less) pay.

But it will get a foot in the door over there and allow me to perhaps get a full-time position there. I’d rather have one at the college I am already teaching at, but when E sets off for UT I need to be working.

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