Applying for full-time academic positions

means re-educating myself on what needs to be done.

I went to a regular blog read, Confessions of a Community College Dean, for advice on how to document good teaching.

A commenter referred to this site at UT which, if followed completely, would produce about a thousand pounds of paper per job application. It does, however, offer ideas of how to prepare for the tenure review. That thousand pounds of paper would help argue the case.

In addition I went to Samples of Philosophy of Education (Examples for Teachers). James Neill has a very good sample selection, even though it was last edited in 2004.

And, of course, being a Purdue grad, I hit the OWL (online writing lab) for help figuring out exactly what was expected in a cover letter. I think that ultimately I went ahead and based most of my practice on my experience in professional writing, but the post did help to remind me that an academic cover letter is expected to be more than a single page.

In addition, somehow I found the Chronicle Careers CV Doctor. This is an entry on a cv for a faculty member in the humanities.

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