Interview reminders

Things you should be prepared for, according to Chronicle Careers:

Be ready to offer 1-, 3-, and 10-minute versions of your research. Tailor these descriptions to both specialists and nonspecialists in your field. Be ready to discuss your future research interests, your teaching abilities, interests and philosophy, and your interest in this department and institution.

What are the research interests of the faculty members? Think about how your research might intersect with theirs, and about the possibilities for collaboration. Think about ways in which your teaching might complement the course offerings. In addition to the search committee, be prepared for conversations with campus administrators such as deans. Be ready to discuss broader institutional issues and the ways in which you might contribute as a good citizen.

strive to engage people. Remember to prepare some thoughtful questions. Through all of your conversations during the visit, you may be uncomfortable repeating yourself but remember you’re meeting each of these people for the first time.

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