Notes on blogging/teaching blogging

that I didn’t remember, even though they are on my own site! Here.

And here is another where I wrote about Robert Talbert’s proposed class and my thoughts on the subject.

Why is this relevant? I suggested that I was willing and able to teach a Life Writing course on blogging.

And I wrote about the Cranky Professor and his class’ blogging.

Why I am a bit concerned on blogging transperency. And another post on the same topic. And a third.

Update: This is on folks reading blogs.

Blogs as primitive drums with Marshall McLuhan thrown in.

While I was reading through, I found a post on what kinds of writing is done in blogs, but now I can’t find it. !!!I found it!!! It is about a post on why people blog. But when I went there, it was gone. Dang it! I hate that.

12 Laws of Blogging

Why people blog?
An academic discussion
The Psychology of Blogging

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