Thoughts on Teaching

”To touch the hearts of your pupils is the greatest miracle you can perform.” -Jean-Baptiste de la Salle

I have lots of old blog posts with ideas that I don’t remember and never get back to because I have so many old blog posts.

I am going to try to make a compilation of useful ideas for school that I wrote about.

A final exam paper using the newspaper.

Shakespeare in the Bush

Physics of Fairy Tales

Giving the point count at the beginning and having students go from 0 up.

Ezra Pound lecture ideas.

Surfing the net for a pre-reading exercise with the novel

Shakespeare for the Classroom

Using the Wall Street Journal to write poetry.

Shotgun Seminars. Still sounds great.


The post on the controversial topics. I could read some of them to my students, since I talk about this. I had forgotten I saved it online.

when teaching poetry

Plans for my class

Plans for first night, which I think I do all of now.

Stumbled teaching sites

Amazing sites for Paradise Lost. I wonder if there are ideas for how to explain to students that Satan is not the hero of the piece, as several of my students wrote.

Using internet in the classroom

How to Create Memorable Lectures

Why people don’t read short stories

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