I applied for another job today

It’s at a CC in my district, but over by my family’s favorite restaurant. It’s about forty-five minutes from home, if I miss the traffic.

The good things are:
I know the area.
I know the work.
It’s near my best friend from college, so if I’m over there in the evenings she and I might actually get together more than once a year. (That’s what happens when people work. You don’t feel right meeting them during the only time their families have to see them. But now her daughter is at UT, so…)

So I wrote a new cover letter, messed with my cv again, and applied.

The bad thing is:
I realized I messed up a sentence in the cover letter to CC1. (Hmm. I guess I should email whomever I need to and adjust that. Hopefully the dean hasn’t seen it yet.)

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