Applications closing

Two of the three colleges I applied to no longer have listings on Chronicle of Higher Ed. I guess they have closed the applications.

I know CC1 had 8 applicants for their job last year. So I am guessing they had 7 for this one. But they are the one with the open listing. I suppose that is because they changed it to include developmental studies.

I don’t know how many SLAC has, but I do know that most of them are straight out of grad school. That is harder for the students, but it is good for the school, because they are still hooked in to the system for presenting and writing papers.

CC2 has taken theirs off the Chronicle, too.

So, why have they done that? I expect it is because they feel they have enough good candidates to fill the position.

I wish I was sure I would be one of the candidates they were going to choose.

Of course, SLAC is growing like crazy. From this year to last they doubled their freshman class size. Next year they have increased it an additional 20%. So I would expect that that will keep going. I suppose that in another year or so I could apply again perhaps.

A negative about me for the SLAC is that almost all the English teachers are my age. We’d all be retiring around the same time.

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