What have I done for the last 15 years?

Because the head of one of the departments I am interviewing with said it is a problem because I haven’t done anything for the last fifteen years… (Loud yelling here.)

I have homeschooled two boys successfully.

I completed my prelims for my PhD.

I took two additional courses in technical writing/rhetoric.

I began, wrote, and finished my dissertation.

I took my language exam for my PhD.

I graduated with my PhD.

I taught high school English for a year.

I taught at a community college as an adjunct for six years.

I taught littler kids’ classes, including poetry and literature, for the last four years.

I gave a presentation to the local homeschooling community on teaching writing to your child.

That’s not what a college wants, though.

They want me to have presented papers, had articles published, and gotten a book published. I probably can’t do that in the next few months, but I ought to get on the stick and try to do that whether I get a job this year or not.

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