Phone interview with CC2

They called fifteen or so minutes late, not on the phone I asked them to use.

They were polite. I wasn’t expecting the questions. I think I did fairly well.

What do you think is the work load of a cc teacher?
What is the most fun thing for you about teaching writing?
What would be the most important thing in a paper? (I said fluency. But I’d never thought about the single most important thing because I think you have to have more.)
How do you feel about developmental studies?
Discuss a writing prompt you use and tell why you think it is effective. (I discussed the def/ill paper. That has become my favorite.)
What uniqueness can you bring to the college? (I told them my enjoyment of different things and my ability to find a way to implement something that was wanted/required and figure out a way to do it well.)

They told me that they ask several people to come to campus for an interview. When you are invited, you are expected to teach a class. The staff person would be getting in touch with me about that. Did I have any questions about the upcoming interview?

I did. I asked if I would be actually teaching a class (what SLAC does) or if I were going to instruct the teachers. I’m instructing the teachers.

Since I’ve already discussed the def/illus, I think I should probably pick a different paper to introduce. But I am not sure which one. I am leaning towards classification right now. But I know I don’t teach that as well as I should. Maybe I should ask NS or DW whether I should go ahead and do the def/ill. Other option would be the process paper. I have some good stories about that.

There is the implication in their question that I would be invited to campus. That would be nice. I am actually kind of psyched about this job now, but I am not sure why.

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