I submitted a last minute panel proposal with a gentleman from UofH and a friend from ACU. I hope it is accepted. It’s on things I learned at CC1 and applied at CC2 and I’m really excited about the paper. I hope they are too.

It was very last minute. I think we found out about each other two days ago.

…If this panel is not accepted, I hope I know soon enough to submit the paper to a different conference. I think this is the best one for that paper, but if they don’t like it, I will send it somewhere else.

It has a lot in common with another paper I am working on, but is less practical and more theoretical.

First we can understand the value patterns that these students’ communities have historically championed and call upon those values to encourage our students’ participation in building their fluency in composition. Instead of expecting them to immediately understand the preconceptions and presuppositions from which most of academia operates, we can learn their value patterns and invoke those as a means of engaging them in their own educational development (Sza).

Then we can create a multimodal composition course which predicates a minimal expertise with technology and engage our students, at all levels, by building towards information literacy for everyone that is on par with the most technology-immersed. While the early levels of expertise will be basic to some of our students, they will be a stretch for others. We can enhance student learning for the former by decompartmentalizing their technology knowledge and applying it in new configurations and to new situations (Abbott and Nantz). We can enhance student learning for the latter by helping them develop the skills we as academics take for granted (Hargittai).

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