Teaching outside the halls of academia

Jill Carroll’s article in the Chronicle of Higher Ed, Selling Your Skills, talks about teaching for the continuing-ed market.

She says:

The courses usually meet once a week for anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks. A typical class session lasts two hours, with a break in the middle. In my area of Texas, teachers can earn about $150 to $250 for each class session of a continuing-ed course. Say you teach a four-week course that meets once a week, you can make between $600 and $1,000. And that’s without having to grade any papers, hold office hours, or do much advance preparation.

That’s good pay. But when you go to the only continuing education supplier that I know, they say you usually end up with $25/hr. That’s no where near the numbers she gives. I can’t imagine that pay for instructors has gone down, but maybe it has. Their Handbook says 30-40% of the fee goes to instructors (who have to pay to rent the rooms and for the course listing) while the Application says 20-35%. So I guess it could have.

I wonder if there are other continuing ed places besides Leisure Learning Unlimited.

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