I’m working on a paper on literary intros using fairy tales

and I found Approaches to the Literary Fairy Tale.

About structure:

A key aspect of Propp’s methodology is the analysis of the structure of folk tales according to character functions or spheres of action. His analysis of Russian folk tales suggests the following principles: functions are stable, constant elements in a tale, independent of how and by whom they are fulfilled, so they constitute the fundamental components of a tale; the number of functions known to fairy tale is limited; the sequence of functions is always identical; and all fairy tales are of one type in regard to their structure.
His methodology enables discrimination of key structural elements and can be usefully combined with other literary approaches which seek to analyse the possible ways in which texts construct meaning, and with more ideologically oriented forms of analysis which seek to study the formative influence of social, historical, and cultural contexts on folk‐tale variants and reversions.

This particular post includes a discussion of Jungian analysis on fairy tales and various other approaches.

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