Preparing for school

Usually my syllabus is done far in advance of school because I don’t like to leave things till the last minute for fear that nothing will get done.

But this time that didn’t work out since I have to do my syllabus following general department guidelines and I was not given those until Friday.

Sunday I was sick. (Yep, that happens when you wait till the last minute.)

But I have completed one of the two syllabi I need to work on.

The real problem with the second is that I am attempting to combine the best of three different syllabi to come up with a single syllabus at CC1. I’m just not sure how I am going to do that. Still working on that one.

However, my syllabus for the New School is complete. I didn’t have a lot of choices on what to do, so I mostly carefully followed the syllabus I was given as an “example” of what we had to do. I did make a minor adjustment that I may have problems about later. We’ll see.

Going to HR
I had to go by HR to fill out paperwork. But HR wasn’t there today. I made a long and special trip across town, for free (meaning the school didn’t have to pay for it), and I will have to make another one tomorrow. I’m not too thrilled about that. If they had told me, when they sent me the six emails about the meetings, that I needed to go by HR that day, I could have gone before I went to all the meetings and I could have gotten what I needed that day. They fell down on their job, imho, and now they are sending me emails telling me to get with the program because they need to “fill in their slots.”

Oh well. Perspective. Think of all the things they were trying to get done for all the new faculty. So they assumed we would all know we should go by HR, even though they hadn’t told us…. Or maybe they did and they lost my email address. That is certainly possible, since they told me they had lost it earlier this summer.

Offices are not ready.
Our building isn’t finished yet. I don’t know if it will be by next week. Where will I hold office hours if there is no office? If it were the north (or substantially cooler), I could hold them out in front of one of those gorgeous trees. But it’s not and I don’t want to be melting before class.

Other information is not available.
We are supposed to put our email address on our syllabus. I don’t have one. (See HR above.)

We are supposed to put our phone number on our syllabus. I don’t have one. (See Offices above.)

Final word
I am just not ready for school to start and I am hoping that someone will add an extra ten days to this week so that everything that needs to be done will get done.

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