Colleges teaching self-defense

Hundreds of colleges across the nation have purchased a training program that teaches professors and students not to take campus threats lying down but to fight back with any “improvised weapon,” from a backpack to a laptop computer.

The program — which includes a video showing a gunman opening fire in a packed classroom — urges them to be ready to respond to a shooter by taking advantage of the inherent strength in numbers.

It reflects a new response at colleges and universities where grisly memories of the campus shootings at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University are still fresh.

from the Chicago Tribune

I wish that they would support open carry on campuses, but I guess that will be a while from now.

I have have always felt that one set of classes is in a very safe environment. With the heavy metal door shut it would take a lot to hit anyone and the walls are cinder block. But I went online to see if that was really safe and,… it’s not.

See this?

A potato gun is a pipe and hair spray, lit.

I think we’d be hit.

I guess I need to include the “attack” because we aren’t behind cover but only behind concealment.

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