Snowflake Compendium: “here for the car”

This student, a Snowflake as they are called on the Chronicle of Higher Ed forums, is simply in class because they don’t want to work and their parents are supporting them and offering them bribes.

If they come to class, they will be on time.  If there is homework assigned, they may or may not do it, but they don’t usually whine about not doing well, so that’s a potential double win.  You neither have to grade it nor listen to them complain.

Really, they are Snowflake Lights.  They will melt in the class, but they melt quietly without leaving a stain behind.  Only the W or F you must record bothers you with this student.

Feel free to include your own Snowflake “here for the car” stories in the comments.  Perhaps there are other subspecies that I have not taught yet.

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