Beginning points for thinking about teaching…

These points are coming from my online class.

Taste, touch, smell
“What if you brought artifacts or props that were related to your lecture to class? Appeal to the students’ senses.”

We are starting storytelling today and I am bringing in the smell of New York in the autumn. I am also bringing three narratives that make a point. They are children’s stories, but I don’t think they are childish.

I am also thinking that we may play one simple kid’s game in class. The folding story game. Just as a starting point to get people talking and thinking.

Is change scary?

“Risk is the central element of all teaching.” Joe Kagle

Final exam questions

After the grades are handed out, give this as a writing assignment.

What did you learn in this class that was useful in your life? What do you think you will take away from this course and use in twenty years? What would you suggest to improve the course?

I am not sure how I would assign this with my present syllabus, but I really like the idea.


One of the people in my class had Robert Frost as a mentor. He asked Frost about the meaning of “The Road Not Taken.” Robert Frost’s response was, “I don’t know. I place holes in my poems so that you can put yourself into them.”

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