Teaching Beowulf in the college classroom.

Least Tern offers some good teacher resources for Beowulf.

Jaws – Screen the old movie and, as you do, think about the epic hero, the side kick, the monster, the quest, the battle, the gore, the weapons, the questions of good and evil and faith and courage and might. By including some careful movie cuts in with your classroom readings of Beowulf, you will grab your students and liven up the class. Suggestions:

  • Jaws appears – the sound is enough – show this and then read the 1st appearance of Grendel
  • The captain appears at the town meeting – contrast this with Beowulf’s appearance at the great hall – talk about the posturing and the individual vs. the group
  • The captain dies – show this and then read Beowulf’s end (a good compare/contract exercise)

I have been wanting to bring in more modern comparisons for the works I am doing in Brit Lit 1. This would be a good way.

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