School-related things I am thankful for

I am halfway through grading the research paper rewrites.
None of the rewrite grades are worse than the originals; in fact, they are all improved.
I have two publications accepted.
I have been accepted at four conferences (one national and three regional).
The semester has only one more week before finals and my students writing is much improved.
I am going to be teaching a new course next semester and another next fall.
There are openings for rhetoric and composition instructors at the schools in my area.
I have figured out where to check for CFPs.
I get to read my own poetry at a conference.
I got to tell my assistant dean about one of the publications and the reading of my poetry.
I have two adjunct jobs and another if I want it.
While I am not the nicest dressed instructor on campus, I do look good.
I have enjoyed getting to know another group of students in a different environment.

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