Justify yourself

I was talking to an associate dean today. I am not sure that she said what I think she did, but this is how I interpreted the conversation.

I told her that I was getting a critical analysis of Gulliver’s Travels published by Ignatius Press.

She said, “Don’t you want to teach composition?”

I said yes.

That was the end of the conversation because someone came along and interrupted us.

But I got the feeling that she meant, “Why are you writing something on literature if you want to teach composition?”

I have a couple of answers.

1. If I am going to teach composition, shouldn’t I be able to prove I can write?

2. Just because I want to teach composition does not mean I have no interests in English outside of rhetoric.

3. Because they accepted my proposal.

Maybe I was taking the question the wrong way. But if I wasn’t, those are my answers.

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