My view of the need for remedial college classes

But expressed by Michael Mazenko at A Teacher’s View:

we should not be shocked by the remedial course issue until we understand who the students are and whether they should have been admitted, or even advised to go, to college.

That’s really my question about the statistics (that 1/3 of Colorado college students have to take remedial courses).

The statistics “should generate genuine discussion of the high school curriculum, college prep classes, and the necessity of a college-educated workforce” (Mazenko).

Do we need more than 1/3 of that nation to have a college degree? If so, why? What are they doing that requires a college degree? I read several blogs over finals week which said that recruiters on their campus are hiring for Target managers. Do people need a degree for that?

2 thoughts on “My view of the need for remedial college classes”

  1. Dear Dr. Davis, I am a freshman in HS and am taking the PSEO Program next year. What is a remedial course?

  2. Hi, Kaitlyn. Remedial courses are those for students who wish to attend college, but who do not meet the basic math or English requirements. They must take a different course, called a remedial course, to help them reach college level in reading, writing, or math.

    At some colleges, there are series of remedial courses. For example, at Sam Houston State University, there is a remedial course for people who do not know how to form sentences and paragraphs. There is also a course for people who know basic grammar and can form paragraphs but do not know how to write an essay (or do not write at an appropriate level).

    I’m glad you are thinking ahead.

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