Rethinking the value of a college degree

Swift Kick Online has the Value of a College Degree in a Networked World

Board Buzz says, “Yes, college is worth it.”

E Learn Space talks about the hollowness of liberal arts.

ERIC Digest (2003) says there is a social and economic value to college. Non-completers make less money than completers. It also says that 2-year colleges offer as much or more than two years at a 4-year college.

Mercury News:

Rarely has a response of this magnitude been necessary. California’s unemployment rate in December was 9.3 percent, its highest in 15 years, and many of the jobless are finding their skills no longer fit the shrinking job market.
Take Frank Zelenka, who was laid off from his $80,000-a-year management job in Texas in 2003 and has not found steady work since. The 40-year-old Martinez resident, whose lack of a college education has hurt his prospects, has started taking classes at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, including a career-counseling course.

“Just so I can figure out where Frank Zelenka fits in this new economy,” said the single father of three, who would like to teach elementary school. “I felt that I had skills and talent that were going unused. There’s a job out there for me somewhere.”

A CBS affiliate says:

School officials say anytime there is a downturn in the economy, more people go back to school, hoping to get into a better career. Public universities expect higher than average tuition hikes in the future, as a fallout of the state budget cuts.

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