How to write a literature review (APA)

In my Writing in the Behavioral Sciences, we use a book which describes a literature review and there is a sample in a second book. But I really don’t think my students understood exactly what I was looking for. So we have read through two in class (including my lit review from my dissertation) and I pointed out two good websites.

Okay, this one I used for my own notes. I didn’t actually show it to them.

But this one I did.

The first one is far more in-depth than any of my students would look at on their own at this point. Of course, as they get into their majors, this level might be useful. It was created for a graduate level course, though, and my students are only sophomores.

The second one is more geared towards undergraduates.

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  1. THANK YOU for this information! I very much appreciate that you posted this!!!! Wish me luck with my Lit Review!

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