Do they like you?

That is the most important question in dating and in the hiring process in academia, especially the latter.

1. scholarship matters except for when you like a person
2. the job talk matters except when you like a person
3. when you don’t like a person, you say it indirectly (“something does not seem right about them” without explaining what it is)
4. scholarship matters except when you don’t like the person

It’s an issue. What if someone doesn’t like you? What can you do about it?

In a related discussion, a former college administrator was talking to my husband this evening at an art auction and said that he always called someone else at the school, not on the teacher’s reference list, to see what they said. If they said something bad, he didn’t hire them.

If one of your colleague’s thinks you are rude, even if you aren’t, is your entire hope of a job offer gone?


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