Metaphors from Popular Culture

I try to keep lists of things that relate to my classes that happen in real life.

So here are the metaphors I remember from Popular Culture:

Lisa Castellano said “circus lessons.”  We’re the ring masters and our classroom is a circus.

Jeremy said “Grand Canyon of oral literature.”  I’m at the top and it is so beautiful.  I see people down there and they are calling for me to join them, but I want others to go with me.  I try to bring them and show them what I see.

Christi Cook used a proverb, “Where there is smoke, there is fire” to talk about the life of women warriors.  If a woman is buried with a sword, that is the smoke that indicates she was a warrior.

Laurie had a mixed metaphor that made me a little queasy:  “vomit onto the page and chisel something out of it.”  She was talking about how some of her students respond to the writing class.

3 thoughts on “Metaphors from Popular Culture”

  1. I’m wondering if I’m this Christi Cook? I was at that conference, but I don’t remember saying that. I am a Women’s Studies person, though. Hmmm….

  2. Oh, wait… maybe you’re not talking about the SWTX pop culture conference after all, which is where I was…

  3. Christi, Yes that was SWTX pop culture. You were there. You did say that. And I enjoyed your talk immensely.

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