Home from CCTE and TCEA

I just got home from CCTE and TCEA about two hours ago. I had a great time.

My favorite paper there was Amy Frazier’s paper on Christian and NonChristian Christ-like Figures in Literature and Life. It reminded me of Professor Librescu, the teacher from Virginia Tech who gave his life to save his students.

I also really enjoyed a paper on sampling of literary portraits of professors.

Those were the last two papers I heard and I think they were the most interesting.

I got some useful ideas for teaching, too, which is always one of my main goals at conferences. I attended mostly the rhetoric and composition sections. I wrote notes to myself about what the people said and what that made me think of for my classes. I was not alone in that. I talked to a woman from Kingsville who had done the same thing.

And I heard some good creative work. I liked the poetry and creative nonfiction the best. Hearing those made me want to write more.

…I also got to see friends like Jana Anderson and Steve and Dora Weathers. That was very fun.

I don’t know if I am going to try to blog about the conference. I never finished the Swtx Pop Culture conference and I don’t think I will, except for one more post which I am still working on.

It was well worth going to, though. If you’re in Texas and haven’t joined, you should. And next year, around September when the call for papers comes out, you should submit. It is a small conference, but very fun.

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