Online Education Benefits Everyone


college_studenta-1Online education offers the students the opportunity to work around their personal and professional lives while still getting an education because they can take advantage of learning opportunities at a time that is appropriate for them.

The need to juggle competing schedules is eliminated. Students will not be faced, as my son was this semester, with three required classes all offered at the same time.

Students who are geographically isolated can use online courses to complete their education.

Students can receive a better education. While some perceive face-to-face courses as more rigorous, traditional classrooms often have fewer writing assignments (Schultz). This is because an online class is conducted through online writing. Since one of the goals of an education is to learn to communicate effectively, this aspect of online education can only be considered beneficial.


teacher-and-student-on-computersTeachers also can work when most appropriate for them.  

Online courses can save money.  Teachers won’t have to pay for gas and wear and tear on their cars.  

Working online can also potentially save time. One teacher compared her traditional and online classes. When she put all her class-related time together, she spent 234 minutes per student online and 441 minutes per student in face-to-face classes (Thomas).


money-desk-cityOnline education offers a significant cost savings when classes are not using the physical campus. My college offered eleven different English courses online in the fall of 2008, which meant over forty classes did not meet in classrooms.

The college has students attending, and paying fees, from all over the state because students do not have to live nearby to attend. This means an increase in revenue.

At a time when the economy is problematic and an education is more important than ever, online classes can benefit everyone involved.

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7 thoughts on “Online Education Benefits Everyone”

  1. Your description of online courses may be accurate for asynchronous classes but not for all online classes.

    Synchronous classes and some hybrid classes meet on a regular schedule. (I am offering three writing classes online next fall that each have a synchronous element.) A synchronous or hybrid class may have no more writing than the normal bricks and mortar classroom.

    The issues of whether online teaching takes less instructor time and the costs to the institution and student associated with online teaching are matters of considerable debate, which I’ll leave to someone else.

  2. Online classes may work for some people but for me, I didn’t like it. I prefer taking classes in the classroom. There is more one on one attetion and I think it helps students more to have the one on one attetion.

  3. My experience taking online classes has proved that convenience is one of the best attributes. The teachers ensure their students have plenty of work to do only because there is no participation or attendence grades. Students need all the grades they can get when taking an online class. Time is not always on the student’s side. Timed assignments and tests cause added stress even though in-class tests and assignments are timed as well.

    The most difficult part of online classes has to do with the student’s motivation. Some students are unable to keep up with their school work without someone reminding them when their assignments are due. Tests and assignments are sometimes missed. The deadline can cut off and the teacher does not respond until after the next test is missed. The teacher is not to blame for this. A student must know their capabilities before signing up for an online class.

  4. I strongly agree with the benefits of online education! I have taken many courses online and found them very beneficial and enjoyable! Online classes still allow one to further their education while working around their very busy schedules and personal lives. From personal experience, I do sometimes disagree with online learning only because one can not have the face-to-face interaction with their teacher. I am a very visual learner and I learned the hard way it is very difficult to do an online math course. Even though I still did very well, I found it harder to pace myself and learn by just reading the material. On the other hand any type of English online course works great for me! I flourished and did very well in the two courses I took online. Over all, I believe the benefits of online education out weigh any of the negative aspects of it.

  5. I agree with online education having benefits, because it gives the student an opportunity to work at their own pace. I have a friend that is a working mother that finds online classes to be wonderful. She is able to be at home during the day while the kids are at school and get work done, but still able to spend time in the evenings with family.

    Online classes also allow the student to be able to work full-time and go to school, which takes off a lot stress compared to being in a classroom setting. I agree that online classes can be less expensive especially when a person is on a budget and can not afford tutuion at a university.

    Teachers also reap the benefits of online classes by having less paperwork to grade and being able to communite easily with students via email, chat rooms, or webcam. Online education is a good choice for those who are looking to get an education that cost less and in a time frame that works for them.

  6. Online classes may work for a couple of individuals anyway for me, I couldn’t have cared less for it. I lean toward taking classes in the classroom. There is more one on one thought and I think it causes understudies more to have the one on one thought.

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