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Though it ended up that none of paper on FoxNews.com’s bias was read (since I had five minutes), the following sections were originally deleted from the paper to make sure that I would not go over my time.

It is interesting to note that “Value-Based Leadership” was rated positively more often than “McCain Speaks at Colorado’s Aspen Institute.” There were 19 positive ratings for the first compared to 15 for the second. “Value-Based Leadership” also received more negative ratings, than the second headline, 7 as opposed to 0, for a total of 19 positive ratings and 7 negative ratings.

While it might seem that the politics and election coverage page would only contain information about the presidential candidates during a presidential election, since it was the main focus of the election, that was not true. Several senators were mentioned, John Edwards’ mistress scandal came up during this time, and a governor or two were referenced. The main page of FoxNews.com featured “Bigfoot… or Big Hoax?” and the abduction and possible murder of three-year old Caylee Anderson one day. The two presidential candidates were, however, the main focus of both the political and election coverage.

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