PCA: Questions about FoxNews.com Bias talk, with answers

Were you surprised by what you found?

I said I was. Having read the arguments against FoxNews, one would suppose that they were significantly right wing.

No headlines can be truly objective. I would expect that the raters could tell whom the headlines were about.

I said that it was possible that they would recognize, for instance, that McCain said Russia should reverse course, but I did not think that the others were too obvious.

Can you recognize the candidates?

  • X Who?
  • Current and Former (Opposite Party) Line up for X
  • Facing Tough Re-Election, (Person) Removes Name from X Fundraiser Invitation
  • Religious Vote Could Tip Scales in Battleground States
  • X’s Running Mate- Analyzing the Premise Question
  • X Emergency Landing More Serious Than Thought
  • In Case You Were Wondering…
  • X Defines Marriage
  • X Praises Rick Warren’s Forum
  • Could X’s VP Pick Turn Off Voters?
  • X Speaks at Colorado’s Aspen Institute
  • X Camp Fires at (TV Station)

These are a fairly interesting mix of headlines.  There were some that were more obvious.  X’s Hawaii, for example, would probably give it away.  That headline was rated favorably.

Only the last three were McCain. All the rest were Obama. But don’t worry if you didn’t get them right. The very politically savvy group of academicians at my talk didn’t get them either.

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