Job Interview: Details

phone-antiqueI called the number last night and left a message.

When I hadn’t heard back by three today (I taught till noon and told them that), I called them back.

They said they were glad I had called back since they thought they were finished contacting me.

I have a job interview on Tuesday afternoon.

It will last 45 minutes.

I have to teach a ten minute introduction to argument to the group. I am to assume that it is the beginning of the semester and I don’t know the students well.

I have some notes from PCA that would be useful. If I could show movie clips, I could have fun with this, but I can’t count on anything. I’ve never taught at this school (CC4, let’s call it) and so I don’t know what technology is regularly available.

I’m thinking about handing out a sheet to take notes on, with some of the points already filled in.

I am also thinking of at the bottom having a list of movie clips and what those would be about. I won’t do them, but I could get to them.

Also, I think I should put together all the handouts for that assignment. But I don’t really want to waste the paper for that.

So I guess I’ll just do the fill-in-the-blank page for the lecture notes and the list of movie clips.

I think that will work.

I need to write down my discussion and time it.

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