Saturday Panels at ALA

I went to a panel on teaching 19th century literature in the 21st century. It was fascinating. Found all these wonderful ideas: primary document discussions (x2), podcasts of poetry, second life on the House of the Seven Gables, and websites on place and text… The one I can’t imagine doing anytime soon unless I end up at U1 or SLAC is the scholarly text editions. In that case, I might get to do that. But regardless, the ideas were good.

I also went to a panel on women and ghosts. Got some interesting ideas on the double and gothic literature. Made me think of Sookie. Who would be Sookie’s double? And I wondered about Claudine. She’s the strong woman, the woman able to do things, and then, when she fades into the cult of domesticity- pregnant and knitting baby outfits, she is murdered. It’s an idea to think about. Sex leads to murder in one of those books (the orgies one). And she goes to Nashville to save Bill because of love and he’s there because of love… It’s an interesting idea, but I don’t know how gothic it is. I need to do more background reading on gothic.

There’s a reception with free alcohol. I’m not there. Instead I’m in the lobby web surfing. I’ll probably go get something to eat soon. Do I go for real Boston food or California Pizza Kitchen? (It’s two blocks away.)

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