American Lit Assoc: Review

I enjoyed this conference. It was not as large as I expected and a lot of the topics were not of interest to me. However, the panels I attended were very interesting. Most of them were, in fact, fascinating. Excellent topics done in a thought-provoking manner.

I gave my presentation and, somewhere along the way, I had lost sight of the session topic, which was Teaching Gilman. However, I did have a good fifteen minute presentation with some new information on Gilman that no one else has come up with and I also had a good handout of materials for teaching insanity. I’ll post those here later.

My presentation was small. There were six people in the room besides the panel. Since it was Sunday afternoon and the last panel of a four day conference, I was actually pleased with the number attending.

After the talks, I had three people ask me positive questions, which I was able to answer without difficulty (always good, that).

Overall, I enjoyed the conference and, unlike others, I left that one with loads of ideas of articles to write, other conference papers to pursue, and other ways to teach things I already teach. I have to say it was one of the most useful conferences I have attended recently.

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