The Art of Madness

This is a list of art works which are related to madness or insanity or lunacy. If you are presenting a unit on mental illness, these would offer interesting counterpoints.

domenicofeti_-_melancholy-wikimediaBlakelock, Ralph Albert. “Moonlight Sonata” 1892 an early painting, Blakelock spent many years in an asylum, still painting
Charcot, Jean Martin Photographs of Hysterical Women 1887-8
Cranach, Lucas “The Melancholy” 1588
Degas, Edgar “Melancholy” 1874
Durer, Albrecht “Melancholy” 1514
Eakins, Thomas “Retrospection” 1880 Possibly modeled on a sketch of an insane patient in a manuscript belonging to John Kearsley Mitchell that Eakins borrowed around that time.

Fetti, Domenico “Melancholy” 1622 This is the painting pictured above.
Goya, Francisco “Yard with Lunatics” 1793-4
Hogarth, William “The Interior of Bedlam” from The Rake’s Progress 1763
Munch, Edvard “Melancholy” 1896 (woodcut) Man staring off into a landscape
Munch, Edvard “Melancholy” 1899 (oil) Woman sitting in her house
Pinel, Phillippe “Releasing Lunatics from Their Chains at the Bicetre Asylum in Paris” 1793
Pinel, Phillippe “Releasing Lunatics from their Chains at the Salpetriere Asylum in Paris in 1795”
Repin, Ilya Yefimovich “Poprishchin” 1882 painting of the main character from Nikolai Gogol’s “Diary of a Madman.” This work was the first to follow a madman through their diary.
Richer, Paul drawing series of mental patients in Salpetriere
Rosenthal, Toby Edward “Elaine” Elaine went mad from love and died. This is her bier. 1874
Vedder, Elihu (1836-1923) “The Lost Mind” a woman barefoot in the wilderness. Below is a photo of that painting by peterjr1961 off of flikr.

Collection of art through the ages which pictured insanity is on the blog Psychology and Practices for a Better World in Images of Madness.

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