19th Century Psychology Texts

All of these works deal with insanity. All of them offer interesting insights into the view of mental illness during the nineteenth century.

In addition, all of these works are available on the net and most of them are free.

Bucknill, John Charles and Daniel H. Tuke. A Manual of Psychological Medicine. London: J&A Churchhill. Originally published 1858. Google Books has fourth edition, 1879. “Types of Insanity” picture is from this book.

Clarke, Edward H. Sex in Education: Or, A Fair Chance for Girls. Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1873. This psychologist blames the mental instability of women on too much (barely any) education.

Combe, George. Outlines of Phrenology. Boston, 1838.

Earle, Pliny. The Curability of Insanity. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1887.

Hrdlicka, Ales. “Art and Literature in the Mentally Abnormal.” American Journal of Insanity 55.3 (January 1899): 385-404.
This work is an article on the study of art and literature of those who are in asylums.

Jacobi, Mary Putnam. “The Prophylaxis of Insanity.” Essays on Hysteria, Brain-tumor, and Some Other Cases of Nervous Disease. New York: G. N. Putnam and Sons, 1888.
She was a doctor who advocated preventative measures for those whose genetics predisposed them to insanity.

James, William. The Principles of Psychology. 1890.

Kraepelin, Emil. Clinical Psychiatry: A Textbook for Students and Physicians, 3rd edition. Adapted by A. Russ Diefendorf. New York: MacMillan & Company, 1912.
Kraepelin was the first psychiatrist to differentiate mental illnesses into bipolar and schizophrenia. He did this in 1899. They were not called that in his book, but his differentiations of the two illnesses were the first of their kind.

Merton, Holmes W. Descriptive Mentality from the Head, Face and Hand. Philadelphia: 1899.

Mitchell, S. Weir. Fat and Blood: An Essay on the Treatment of Certain Forms of Neurasthenia and Hysteria. Philadelphia: J. P. Lippincourt & Co, 1877.
This is Gilman’s doctor and his advocated rest cure.

Mitchell, Silas Weir. Wear and Tear or, Hints for the Overworked. Philadelphia: J.P. Lippincourt Company, 1871.

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