Nonfiction Resources on Insanity: Elizabeth Packard

Packard, Elizabeth Parson Wares. The Prisoner’s Hidden Life, or, Insane Asylums Unveiled. Chicago: A.B. Case, 1868. Packard was committed for three years by her husband because she disagreed with his religious beliefs. Her children sued to have her released and she won the case. This is her description of her experiences and the trial. Available online from UIllinois.

Packard, Elizabeth Parson Wares. Modern Persecution, or Insane Asylums Unveiled. Hartford, CN: Caise, Lockwood, and Brainerd, 1873. This is the more personal discussion of her story, what it meant to her and to her family, how she was treated in the asylum, the results of her exoneration for insanity, and her fight to make marital commitment against the law. It is available online from Google Books.

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