Jobs Gone, Interviews

One of the jobs I was not interviewed for and one of the jobs for which I had two interviews have been filled with other people.

To some extent it makes me sad.

It also makes me very curious about the second job, because one of the members of the committee made a point about saying how it was important to see what the candidate was like. At the time I thought this probably indicated they were looking for minority candidates. It could just be that they thought I did well on the phone and not in the classroom though. (I have a hard time imagining that because I thought I did a great job in the classroom.)

I have an interview today and one set next week.

I hope in a few more weeks to have a full-time job for the fall.

Both of the jobs for which I have final interviews are very much what I have spent the last seven years doing and what I enjoy. Each is better than the other based on different criteria. I would be quite happy to receive a job offer for either. (Or both! But I won’t get greedy.)

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